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For the sixth year now, I present some holiday cheer (well, more accurately, "cheer" as defined by me, a sick snickering cynical bastard). Enjoy my completely off-color, in-no-way safe for children or work Episode 166: Dreaming of an Off-White Xmas.

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No matter what the crisis, it is critical that people are given options. When options conflict with well-vested opinions—or worse, business models—don't expect them to be explained well. I protest one such money silencing in this Episode 165: Dear Nova.


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Knowing the cost of what advertisers spend to get your attention is not the full story. For that, you really need to appreciate the value that attention is worth to those that hire those ad men. And that is Episode 164: Something On Which You Can Depend.

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Have you ever considered how much is spent befouling our attentions with ads? In other words, how much do people pay to get your attention? I'll examine an article that attempts to discover that in this <a href="">Episode 163: The Sheer Amount of Space in Our Day</a>.


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When the news chooses to focus on everything politically except at an entire movement drastically changing the world, they fail everyone. Our news becomes nothing but the title of this Episode 162: The Ad-Fueled Dumpster Fire.

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We all use language to codify and structure the reality around us. We have to be careful, though, not to hide within unexamined aphorisms internal impossibilities that mask from us what is really going on. Hence, Episode 161: Aphoristic Dissonance.

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In the last episode, I bitched about not finding my show in a portal search; but what might happen next? Things could get so much worse for podcasters who refuse to bow to ad pressures, as I explore in this Episode 160: Three Necessary Tiers of Freedom.

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It sometimes takes an event well beyond my ability to "fix" before an idea worth indulging motivates me to create an episode. Imperious corporate impediments to increasing my show’s listenership prompt this Episode 159: Now You Find Me….

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In this Episode 158: From a Crawl to a Walk, I share a discovery that is more than simply monumental and epic in its own right, it's oxymoronic: a Walkable Crawlspace.

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In Jerry Mander's first of his Four Arguments, I look at what he feels happens to us when the doors of perception are all but closed to nature; through our unnatural media, autocracy rushes in to fill us. Hence, Episode 157: Without the Slightest Belch.

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For reasons too few truly understand, in our “economy,” too few citizens are invested profitably: in the position of holding assets that increase wealth simply by dint of ownership. I free-form rant on this in Episode 156: Our Unbroken Economy.

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We currently live through two plagues: one, CoVID-19; the other, vested interests pay not just to shove a plague of bad ideas at all of us, but also to keep good ideas as far away as possible. Hence, Episode 155: Dueling Fictions, Dueling Crises.

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It should come as no surprise that, though influential and important, certain books suffer in reputation simply because they question more dominant media. I give an overview in such a book in this Episode 154: Mander's Four Arguments: An Introduction.

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I admit it: I tend to get distracted and wander off topic. Today, I get back to observing the collapse of journalism—and trying to prevent it—with some unhelpful help from public radio personalities in this return Episode 153: No News Is Still Bad News.

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Once and a while, it's good to expend a little more effort in order to expend a bit less effort. It's complicated. Anyway, enjoy the result, a chat with Chad of the Hip Crime Vocab Blog in this Episode 152: The Nuisance Economy.

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Never let a good crisis go unexploited, said someone, somewhere. It's good advice. It allows us to see what we've been missing, and maybe what we should keep missing. That's the idea in this Episode 151: A Rare Opportunity to Reimagine.

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Don't you hate it when someone comes along and makes you realize that everything you've grown used to supporting is just as toxic as what you really despise? I confront the compromise and the damage done in this Episode 150: Ligers and Tigons and Joe.

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You exercise, and for what? Today, the devices that help you work out work against you, reducing your fitness sweaty efforts into further fodder for surveillance profits. That's what I cover in this Episode 149: Watching the World Go To Health.

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What happens when a presidential candidate’s positions threaten not just the business of news, but also offend the sensibilities of those personalities who are paid so very well to present it? I explore this phenomenon in Episode 148: …and Bernie 2020.

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You might only realize how interesting the times in which you live really are when it's hard to distinguish which is worse: the reality surrounding you; or the commercial reporting on that reality. Hence, Episode 147: Blankstorm '95, CoVID-19, and…

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Perhaps if more people understood how insulting the tenets of advertising are, or how poorly ad-men regard their audience, more might avoid it, or consider restricting it legally. Consider the title of this Episode 146: Hitler Was An Ad-Man.

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Sometimes, rare books are rare not because they have no value, but because their value is perceived as topical only for a certain time. Sometimes, though, good ideas suggested for one time prove timeless. Hence this Bonus Episode: Radio's Second Chance.

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Some episode topics for this show are too obvious to even mention…until they affect me more grievously than a simple plea to get another credit card. I discuss that targeted, personal aspect of direct mail in this Episode 145: All Is Fare In Law and War.

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Whenever you step on a stage, it's important to remember your lines, even if the very act of memorizing and later reciting those words warps and dominates your thinking… off-stage. I explore this in this Episode 144: The Thought Leader Three-Step.

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A lack of any response from communicants can grow into frustration, over time building into a sense of utter hopelessness. By watching what they do, one can sometimes infer that someone might indeed be listening. Hence Episode 143: Maybe They Do Care.

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New year looks back should be done when conditions grant the best insights. What better sight is there than that described as 20/20? Hence, Episode 142: 2020 Hindsight.

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