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Most people today feel they have can choose from whichever experts best confirm their own deeply-seated beliefs.  Sadly, this is wrong, and to understand how wrong, I try to answer the question of Episode 246: Why The Rent Is Too Damned High.

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Too many grapple today with common but un- or poorly-defined terms, especially "mainstream."  What is mainstream?  When it comes to mainstream news, I've got a simple suggestion, which I give you in this Episode 245: Don't Trust Mainstream Media.

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All political philosophy is propaganda, an attempt to describe both the way things are and proscribe the way things should be. Let me give you an example written over a quarter of a millennia ago in this Episode 244: Adam Smith's Invisible Handjob. 

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It's inevitable.  One day, you’ll find a writer who doesn't agree with a topic you wholeheartedly embrace enough to snidely attack it and distort the facts.  There goes your remaining trust.  I cover this in an open letter called Episode 243: Dear George.

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Advertisers have been stealing good ideas for years and using them to crassly push their products.  It's only fair, then, that we mock those ads, perhaps enough to destroy their sales effectiveness.  Hence, Episode 242: The Art and Craft of Resublimation.

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In my last episode, I questioned use of the word "accidents," which take focus away from the hazards that cause them. Why? Because hazards can be fixed. I'll give you some real-world examples of good places to start in this Episode 241: TANA, ATU Edition. 

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This is merely a brief calendrical announcement and celebration.  Enjoy.

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For too long, the question of what is “safe”—and who should take the blame when it isn't—has been muddled in the name of profits.  Maybe we should avoid the word “accident” itself.  I'll explore that question in this Episode 240: There Are No Accidents.

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My show is reactive: things happen, and I react to them.  This happened recently when the number and tone of commercials in my podcast feed spiked.  I cover this and speculation on why it happened in this Episode 239: What I Do With The Mad That I Feel.

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Politics in America comes down to the DEMs vs. the GOPs, right?  One represents wealth, and the other claims the hearts of regular people, right? Well, it’s more complicated.  I'll explore this not so much in this Episode 238: The Third Estate Rising.

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We all suspect our devices are increasingly using their microphones and cameras to snoop on us.  Over the years, I’ve explored that suspicion.  I’ll go over some of that history, and finish with some news, in this Episode 237: Spare Me The EULAgee!

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I introduce a new word in this episode more to point out that it does not represent a new concept, but rather a very old one.  The problem of controlling this recent outbreak due to an old story is the topic of this Episode 236: Madison's Farcical Tragedy.

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